Photo: Finding the courage to change

Are you courageous? Will you help someone else take a "green" step this Earth Month? (Credit: Debbie Wong Photography)

A painter, a Norwex consultant, a mommy blogger, a scientist and an Orthodox rabbi walk into a bar...

No joke!

They're five of my 22, passionate, "volunteers for good" — Queen of Green coaches. Over eight weeks they'll dedicate 30 hours to help families/friends/neighbours go greener and join a community of 29 coaches who have come before them.

It takes courage to make change and guide others towards change. My fellow green experts share their knowledge and experience and don't shrink from responsibility. They inspire me!

Meet my Queen of Green coaches

Alina, Victoria B.C. is a mother of two girls, backyard chicken enthusiast and an ecologist that works as a Research Manager in Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria.

Amy, Calgary Alta. is an expectant mom who loves to cook and bake — "If I can make it myself, I will!" She studies natural science at the University of Calgary and is passionate about growing food.

Caroline, Trout Lake N.W.T. lives in a community of 46 households that's isolated for nine months of the year! She set up composting at a recent community feast and invited community families and elders to drop organics in her composter until they make their own.

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Corrina, North Vancouver B.C. is a mom of two, a photographer, avid gardener, and nature lover. She's helped one family get their first blue bin while another family asks their strata to start a green waste program for their townhouse complex!

Evelyn, Calgary Alta. is a returning coach, mom of two boys, volunteers as Canadian Director of True Vision Ghana and makes a mean lip balm! (Her family is pictured above.)

Gail and Jay, Vancouver B.C. are mother and son co-coaches. She's a DSF staffer (and my editor) and he's a newly ordained Orthodox rabbi who advised mom "not to be religious" about green living, but rather meet families open-heartedly where they are. And it's working!

Jamee, Vancouver B.C. is a scientist by schooling, a sustainable energy manager by trade and a self-proclaimed "tree hugger" who's also expecting a "green" baby.

Jen, Kitchener Ont. (@jnjgogreen) is a mom who blogs about reducing her family's impact on the environment. An avid environmentalist, she also works as an Environmental Manager in the tech industry.

Jen, New Westminster B.C. (@BestInNewWest @Dimpleskins) recruited families on Twitter! One (with three little ones) rethinking their overflowing recycling and garbage bins was featured in the local newspaper.

Jennifer, Vancouver B.C. is a mom, teacher, nutritionist, and founder of Growing Matters a new "green" childcare program.

Jennifer, Waterloo Ont. (@truthbeautyco) is a mom of twin girls and so passionate about eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty that she founded The Truth Beauty Company.

Linda, Nepean Ont. is a mom of two grown children, who hasn't let her disabling Multiple Chemical Sensitivities stop her from sharing her passion about environmental health with people just beginning their journey!

Lindsay, Montreal Que. (@mamanloupsden) has taken on waste , food and toxics challenges. Look into the worldwide Great Cloth Diaper Change happening April 26!

Meghan, Calgary Alta. is a returning coach now co-coaching with, Evelyn (see above)! A side effect of toiling in her local community garden is preparing food from scratch, like pickled asparagus! Meghan and Evelyn hosted hands-on workshops for their families.

Michelle, Edmonton Alta. — a mom and Master Composter Recycler who leads composting workshops — had her families start with a garbage bag count to track their success over the eight-week program.

Shari, Cold Lake Alta. is a mom of seven who leads an organic living group and hosts bread-making and gardening classes!

Sheryl, Brampton Ont. (@sheryltughan) says, "My families are neighbours and it's such a treat getting to know them!" Sheryl hosted an Earth Day event in her home and is "greening" at-risk moms at her church.

Stephanie, Vancouver B.C. (originally from the U.K.) is a mom to two boys and considers "greening" her lifestyle a hobby! An amateur veggie gardener, she also volunteers at UBC Farm, helping school children grow a garden.

Suzanne, Port Moody B.C. (@mommyfootprint) is a mom of four — you may already know her as Mommy Footprint — on a journey to understand her family's exposure to chemicals and meet like-minded folks along the way!

Trina, Calgary Alta. is a mom of two boys and greening seven families! She's passionate about zero waste and showing others that living simply is fun, affordable, totally doable, and empowering!

Veronique, Banff, Alta. (a native of eastern Quebec) is a mom of two who lives inside a National Park. More than half her families now grow some of their own food!

These volunteer coaches share their knowledge and experiences with other families — when they're not raising children, leading, learning to make yogurt, planning green birthday parties, etc.

Do you remember the first green step you took? Will you help someone else take their first step this Earth Month?

Lindsay Coulter, a fellow Queen of Green

April 21, 2014

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Aug 26, 2015
8:41 PM

Been spraying fruit flies with Fanatastic which seems to be keeping them down…

Sep 10, 2014
12:04 PM

I think the first green thing I did was get involved with recycling and proper waste management in my household. I now also take care in the energy aspect, by having proper light bulbs and not leaving things on or running. I even go so far as to unplug devices and such when not in use. I try to be green products whenever available and eat locally as much as possible. I know these are only small steps that anyone can do, but I do try to be on top of it. The more knowledge I obtain, from great resources such as this initiative, the better prepared I will be to do more. Thank you.

Apr 30, 2014
1:31 AM

Hi, iv been trying to figure out how to report my native reverve here in the northern bc interior burning all garbage plastics everything is dumped in a big hole and lit on fire once a week it saddens me knowing all the pollutants makes its way down to our lake and into the air as well, the reverse tlazten nation

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