Thank you for being Radically Canadian!

Get Radically Canadian with us

We're so excited to welcome over 700 new radically Canadian monthly donors to our growing community! Your ongoing commitment will add much-needed energy to the work of realizing a sustainable, nature-rich future for all Canadians. Thank you!

And because more than 500 of you joined us this June, we have the additional privilege of extending our heartfelt gratitude to Leonard Schein, who stepped forward to donate an additional $10,000 to this work. Thank you so much Leonard!

Why Radically Canadian?

Two years ago, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources called environmentalists "radicals." He said we are harming the economy. Angered by the federal government's disregard for the environment, many people came forward to declare themselves "radically Canadian" and joined the David Suzuki Foundation as .

We've been saying that if it's "radical" to value our children's future above short-term profit, to care deeply about our environment and to hold sacred the air and the water — the very things we depend on for survival — then YES, we are radically Canadian.

It's part of who we are

We are surrounded, nurtured and fed by a vast and beautiful land crisscrossed with rivers and streams that connect us, a land rich with physical, biological and cultural diversity that imparts wisdom, a land that forms the fabric of who we are as a nation.

Being Canadian has always meant having the humility to question our approaches, the kindness to consider our impact on others and the resolve to do the right thing.

Why monthly donations?

Monthly donations are one of the best ways to help secure a healthy environment not just for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren. And it's easy to start — just pick an amount and fill out our online donation form. Your gift will be made automatically each month, for as long as you like. You can cancel or change your gift at any time.

Not only is it convenient, monthly donations also:

  • Provide stable, reliable funding that allows us to plan projects in advance and act quickly in a crisis
  • Save paper, postage and staff time, keeping administrative costs down
  • Go a long way. add up over the course of a year

Though our annual campaign is now over, this work never ends. If you are interested in getting radically Canadian with us, . And thank you for your support!