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Get Radically Canadian with us

Wow! 1,034 people joined us as monthly donors this June, which means Vikram Vij will donate $10,000 that will help power the important work you have stepped forward to support. Thank you!

Vikram-portrait-2012-cropped-200.jpg Like you, Vikram cares deeply about the environment because he has seen, first-hand, how dirty water, air and soil affects our food and health. Thank you, Vikram, for this incredible challenge, and your generous donation.

Canada is changing. Can you feel it? TODAY we have an opportunity to move our country to really reflect our values.

This work will be fuelled by individual Canadians like you stepping forward with large and small contributions to ensure it succeeds.


  • Ensure environmental rights are protected in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Work directly with governments to enact policies that address climate change and get Canada off fossil fuels
  • Protect biodiversity, which is under tremendous pressure if we don't change how we live on this planet NOW

Why "radically Canadian?"

Angered by the previous federal government's disregard for the environment, thousands of people came forward to declare themselves radically Canadian — inspired to join the David Suzuki Foundation as , because...

...if it's radical to:

  • Want clean air, safe water, healthy soil and diverse ecosystems
  • Take a responsible approach to natural resource development
  • Protect Earth and reconnect people with nature
  • Work tirelessly to leave our country a better place for the next generation

Why monthly donations?

Monthly donations are one of the best ways to help combat climate change and secure a healthy environment not just for ourselves, but for our children, our grandchildren and our planet. And it's easy to start — just pick an amount and fill out . Your gift will be made automatically each month, for as long as you like. You can cancel or change your gift at any time.

Not only are they convenient, monthly donations also:

  • Provide stable, reliable funding that allows us to plan projects in advance and act quickly in a crisis
  • Save paper, postage and staff time, keeping administrative costs down
  • Go a long way. add up over the course of a year!