Get radically Canadian with us!

Get Radically Canadian with us

Three years ago, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources called environmentalists "radicals."

He said we are harming the economy, which, today, is as ludicrous as ever — our economy is entirely dependent on a healthy planet!

If it's radical to:

  • Want clean air, safe water, healthy soil and diverse ecosystems
  • Take a responsible approach to natural resource development
  • Defend informed debate and policies based on independent science
  • Protect the earth and reconnect people with nature
  • Safeguard communities from toxic pollution
  • Work tirelessly to leave our country a better place for the next generation

Join thousands who have come forward

Angered by the federal government's disregard for the environment, thousands of people have come forward to declare themselves radically Canadian and join the David Suzuki Foundation as .

Being Canadian has always meant having the humility to question our approaches, the kindness to consider our impact on others and the resolve to do the right thing. Our Federal policy on the environment is grossly misaligned with Canadian values.

We want a Canada where people:

  • Feel connected to nature
  • Live in healthy, nature-rich communities
  • Have their right to a healthy environment protected by law
  • Can rely on clean energy systems and solutions

Towards these goals, we've:

  • Helped thousands of Canadians reap the many benefits of spending time in the great outdoors through the national 30×30 Nature Challenge and with our Connecting With Nature educational guides, where nature is the classroom
  • Created the Homegrown National Park, a green, pollinator-friendly corridor in the heart of our largest city, Toronto
  • Shepherded more than 50 community-level environmental bills of right across Canada with the Blue Dot movement
  • Developed a road map for a sustainable energy future, based on five years of climate research

Donors made these accomplishments possible

Your donations will be matched!

A generous supporter has pledged to donate $6,000 if 500 new monthly donors join us by July 1! That means your monthly gift will support important, long-term projects AND provide us with $5,000 we can put to work right away.

Update (July 1, 2015): You did it! Thanks to 527 new monthly donors and the generosity of Don McMurtry, we will be able to put $6,000 to work right away! Thank you so much: you are powering this work. There's still time to join — sign up before midnight tonight (July 1), and you'll receive a radically Canadian sticker!

Why monthly donations?

Monthly donations are one of the best ways to help secure a healthy environment not just for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren. And it's easy to start — just pick an amount and fill out our online donation form. Your gift will be made automatically each month, for as long as you like. You can cancel or change your gift at any time.

Not only are they convenient, monthly donations also:

  • Provide stable, reliable funding that allows us to plan projects in advance and act quickly in a crisis
  • Save paper, postage and staff time, keeping administrative costs down
  • Go a long way. add up over the course of a year

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