Mother's Day bouquet — treasure key

If you've received a card in the mail or an e-card featuring a hand holding a bouquet (art by Sarah Lazarovic), or an e-card with an image of a bouquet, someone donated to the David Suzuki Foundation in your honour. Thank you for inspiring generosity!

Your card has hidden treasures! Look for them yourself OR check out the image below for the secret locations of:

  • a bee
  • a bird
  • a butterfly
  • a heart
  • a blue dot
  • and the David Suzuki gnome!

Bouquet treasure key

Click the image for an enlarged view


Want to send your own e-card to help bees?

Whether you have a few hours left this Mother's Day or just want to send an e-card in honour of someone you admire, you can brighten someone else's day with this BEE-autiful bouquet!

Want to do more?

Ontario is the first jurisdiction in North America to propose regulatory restrictions on neonics — and they're on the right track. Toxic, pollinator-killing neonics should be banned everywhere in Canada.

Learn more about our work to save bees, one of our most important pollinators: