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David Suzuki Foundation reaction to B.C. Liberal Party climate platform

April 18, 2017

VANCOUVER With the release of its 2017 election platform, the B.C. Liberal party has maintained its position on climate action and expanding fossil fuel production within the province. The platform celebrates achievements put in place under former premier Gordon Campbell, which have not been strengthened or built upon for a number of years.

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David Suzuki Foundation calls for swift action on broken environmental assessment process

April 6, 2017

VANCOUVER — Following extensive public consultation, an expert panel released recommendations today on how to improve Canada's environmental assessment process. They call for a more participatory, fair, comprehensive and scientific process for environmental assessments in Canada.

"The federal government instructed this expert panel to review Canada's environmental assessment law to identify what is needed to restore public trust in the process," said David Suzuki Foundation senior science and policy advisor John Werring. "The panel has done that in spades. We encourage government to implement the panel's recommendations as soon as possible."

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First Ontario cap and trade auction will lower emissions, save money

April 4, 2017

TORONTO Ontario's first cap and trade auction is a crucial step on the road to climate protection and cleaner air, the David Suzuki Foundation said.

"We've long supported the principle of polluter pays," said Foundation climate change policy analyst Gideon Forman. "Cap and trade embodies that principle so we're very gratified to see its implementation."

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David Suzuki Foundation reaction to BC Green Party climate change platform

April 3, 2017

VANCOUVER The David Suzuki Foundation is encouraged by the release of the BC Green Party's climate change platform, which includes numerous proposals to help B.C. regain its status as a climate leader. The platform includes ideas that the David Suzuki Foundation has long advocated for, such as:

• Reinstating annual increases to the provincial carbon tax incentive
• Applying the provincial carbon tax to include fugitive emissions from oil and gas companies
• Increasing provincial government investment in public transit and cycling infrastructure
• Legislating a zero-emission vehicle standard to increase the availability of non-emitting vehicles
• Supporting energy efficiency improvements to buildings across the province

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Ontario decision to end hunt of at-risk snapping turtle is a necessary move

April 3, 2017

TORONTO — Ontario's decision to end hunting of snapping turtles is a welcome move, according to the David Suzuki Foundation, Canadian Herpetological Society and Ontario Nature. Ontario lists the snapping turtle as a species of "special concern," which means that although it is not yet endangered or threatened, a combination of biological characteristics and identified threats could endanger or threaten it.

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