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Summary for policy makers

Preventing adverse environmental impacts on human health is central to the David Suzuki Foundation's vision of a society that acts on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature — and also crucial to relieving pressure on our health care system. Prescription for a Healthy Canada examines key environmental health issues in Canada, assesses shortcomings in Canadian environmental policy in these areas and considers innovative approaches in other jurisdictions.

Based on this analysis, the David Suzuki Foundation recommends a national environmental health strategy for Canada, including: improving research and monitoring; strengthening laws, regulations, and policies; building professional capacity and raising public awareness; confronting the unjust distribution of environmental harms and protecting vulnerable populations; and prioritizing environmental health on the international stage.

The full report explores the key environmental health issues, in terms of impacts on human health and policy responses. The summary for policy-makers focuses on the recommendation for a national environmental health strategy and the five priority areas for action.

The Healthy Environment, Healthy Canadians series

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