Photo: Municipalities show leadership on climate change

Municipalities across the country and the people who live in them understand the link between health, economic prosperity and a strong international climate agreement. These people are coming together to call for Canada to be a leader at the UN climate summit.

Are your municipal leaders speaking up for action at the UN Climate Summit?

Many solutions to climate change are at the municipal level: investments in public transit, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods and energy-efficient buildings are just some of the examples. Many of the opportunities in the new clean-energy economy are also found in municipalities. With the support of a fair, ambitious and binding international climate agreement, our Canadian municipalities will be able to put these solutions in place, and benefit from jobs and more liveable communities.

Encourage your municipality to pass a motion calling for Canada to show leadership on climate change by supporting a fair, ambitious and binding international climate agreement at the UN Climate Summit.

Then, send the resolution to the Prime Minister, let us know, and we'll put your municipality on our list of leaders.

Join the list of participating municipalities