Photo: Trim your waste

Help cut back the amount of waste going into landfills (Credit: Madhusudan Katti via Flickr).

Rethinking your relationship with waste is one of the most powerful ways you can help stop climate change. Canadians produced an average of 837 kilograms of non-hazardous solid waste in 2006, all of which goes straight into a landfill. Landfills produce about one quarter of Canada's methane emissions — and methane is a greenhouse gas more powerful than carbon dioxide.

You can cut back the amount of waste that goes into landfills:

Reduce food waste:

Throwing away food is a waste of money, time and energy. Learn how to keep your fruits and veggies fresh and edible for as long as possible


Making sure to take our paper, plastic, and bottles and cans to the blue box recycling bins makes a huge difference on how much waste ends up in landfills. Unsure of what can be recycled? Check out our Blue Bin recycling tips for a recycling 101 and read about the recycling resources in your city for more info.


Your garbage is about 40 per cent organic waste — composting can help divert that matter from producing dangerous greenhouse gases. You don't need a yard to compost — learn how to turn your kitchen 'waste' into black gold!

Be a smart consumer:

Companies still produce goods that have a limited lifespan so that the consumer cycle can continue. By choosing not to buy products that are over-packaged or "disposable" you are encouraging producers to be more responsible. Contact stores, businesses, and governments and let them know you want less packaging and goods that last.

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