Urge Ottawa to support a green recovery

Come together during this crisis for a safer, healthier, greener path

We are facing a crisis unparalleled in recent history. Strangely, in a period when we are stressed, concerned and physically isolated, we also feel united and connected as never before. Let there be no doubt: we will get through this pandemic together. And, we will come out of it with more confidence in our capacity to meet the most daunting challenges together.

The federal government’s response to the crisis has focused, necessarily, on limiting the virus’s spread and emergency economic measures. The government will also likely announce a package to jump-start economic recovery once the public health threat is under control. We identified some great near-term projects to include in this package that can put people back to work, build our collective resilience and position us to respond to the biodiversity and climate crises.

We have shared our recommendations with government. Now we need your help to demonstrate public support for a green recovery by signing this petition now. 

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Let’s make sure the new day that follows is a greener one.