Urge Ottawa to support a just and green recovery

Let’s come together to create a sustainable, resilient, equitable future

After months of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many people feel they want to get back to “normal.” But “normal” means continued climate disruption and species extinction, growing inequalities, increasing pollution and health risks and the possibility of further new disease outbreaks.  

Normal wasn’t working for most people or the planet.  

Let’s do #BetterThanNormal.  

Together, we can overcome these crises and reimagine our communities, economy and ourselves to create the sustainable, resilient, equitable future we want. 

The funds government invests to spur economic recovery may be some of the largest of our lifetime  a onceinageneration opportunity to #BuildBackBetter. Call on the government now to ensure Canada chooses a just, sustainable recovery.