An ant.

As with any problem, you’ll need to identify the source. For example, carpenter ants love wet, rotting wood. It’s possible a good deep cleaning will sort out the problem without the need for further measures.

If the problem persists you might try diatomaceous earth as a temporary fix.

It’s said to be safer than using borax (sodium borate) especially if you have pets. Sprinkle a small amount of diatomaceous earth along cracks and baseboards, or above the cupboards. It’s a naturally occurring fine glass like powder made from crushed fossilized algae. It is so abrasive that it damages the protective outer shell of creepy crawlies. When that protective exoskeleton is pierced, insects dry up and die. Ask for it at your local garden or hardware store.

Ensure you carefully clean up diatomaceous earth with a damp rag instead of a vacuum to prevent clogging the filter.

For other bugs

For other natural and less toxic solutions for silverfish, fleas, moths or roaches try these home remedies:

  • To repel silverfish, flies and moths add a few drops of citronella essential oil and lavender essential oil on cloth strips along windows or inside cupboards.
  • To repel moths, avoid using mothballs, which are made of toxic substances like naphthalene chemical associated with cancers. Instead, store wool clothing and other garments with cedar blocks, cedar chips or in a cedar chest. Or, in a sachet combine two handfuls of dried lavender or rosemary herb with a tablespoon of dried cloves and a tablespoon of dried lemon peel. Then toss these bundles into drawers, closets and cupboards. It smells nice to us, but not to moths!