Give stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other publicly-traded securities

What is the advantage of donating shares to a charity?

In 2006, the federal government eliminated capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated publicly traded securities. This means that donors no longer pay capital gains tax when they give shares directly to a registered charity.

If you sell shares and then donate the cash you will be taxed on capital gains. However, when you donate shares directly to the Foundation, we can issue a tax receipt based on the fair market value of the securities. So not only do you get a tax break but you also receive a tax receipt — two benefits for one donation!

We encourage you to consult with your broker or financial advisor to determine if the tax benefits are right for you. For more information check out this Globe and Mail article on tax benefits of gifts of stock:

How can I donate shares to the David Suzuki Foundation?

It's easy! Your broker and ours do all the work once you give the OK. It's just a matter of your broker hitting a button to send the shares directly from your account straight into the Foundation's account.
To download the David Suzuki Foundation's shares transfer form, click here .

I've been hearing a lot about fossil-fuel divestment. What is it?

Fossil-fuel divestment is a movement to get rid of investments in fossil-fuel industries which are a risk for both investors and the planet. The movement has been growing and may organizations have started the process of divesting their financial assets from fossil fuel companies.

At the Foundation, our investment decisions are guided by our mission and we do not invest in companies involved in the extraction, processing or transportation of fossil fuels. For more information read our blog on the divestment movement:

Can I cleanup my portfolio by donating the shares to the David Suzuki Foundation?

Yes you can! To download the David Suzuki Foundation's shares transfer form, click here .

What happens when the Foundation receives the shares?

It is the Foundation's policy to sell the shares immediately upon receipt and convert to cash. Our broker will then forward the cheque directly to us and we will issue a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value at the date of transfer. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this process to be completed.