Staff and Board

Steve Cornish, Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Pitre-Hayes, Planning & Reporting Manager
Bora Youn, Executive Coordinator
Cecilia Reyes, Planning & Operations Manager
Tessa Danelesko, Board Coordinator/Corporate Secretary

Meet our Board of Directors

BC and Western Region

Jay Ritchlin, Director General, BC and Western Region

Bill Wareham, Science Projects Manager
Delaney Beaton, Program Coordinator
Kim Wright, Senior Marine Planning Specialist
Panos Grames, Senior Communications Specialist, Healthy Oceans
Theresa Beer, Senior Communications Specialist
Trevor Leach, Digital Specialist
Willem van Riet, Spatial Analysis Specialist

Ontario and Northern Canada

Yannick Beaudoin, Director General, ON and Northern Canada (starts March 2018)

Amy Hu, Operations Manager
Catherine Owsik, Digital Strategy Coordinator
Jode Roberts, Communications Specialist
Paula Hill, Public Engagement Specialist
Rachel Plotkin, Ontario Science Projects Manager

Quebec & Atlantic Canada

Karel Mayrand, Directeur Général, Quebec & Atlantic Canada

Diego Creimer, Directeur des communications
Genevieve King Ruel, Spécialiste, communications et affaires publiques
Justine Ledoux, Spécialiste médias sociaux et contenu web
Louise Hénault-Ethier, Chef des projets scientifiques — Science
Martine Gariepy, Spécialiste de l’engagement du public
Nadege Vince, Spécialiste en design, Web et stratégie numérique
Remy Attig, Gestionnaire des opérations
Sylvain Perron, Analyste

Science and Policy

Ian Bruce, Director, Science and Policy

Emily Fister, Climate & Clean Energy Communications Specialist
Gideon Forman, Climate Change & Transportation Policy Analyst
Jill Morton, Science and Policy Coordinator
Jeffery Young, Senior Science and Policy Analyst
Jodi Stark, Public Engagement Specialist
John Werring, Senior Science and Policy Advisor
Michelle Molnar, Environmental Economist and Policy Analyst
Lisa Gue, Senior Researcher & Analyst
Scott Wallace, Senior Research Scientist
Sherry Yano, Project Lead, Community Renewable Energy
Tom Green, Climate Solutions Policy Analyst

Communications and Public Engagement

Tracey Friesen, Director

Alan Worsley, Communications Specialist, Blue Dot
Alaya Boisvert, Public Engagement Manager
Antonia Williams, Volunteer Engagement Specialist
Brendan Glauser, Communications Manager
Cameron Esler, Blue Dot Trainer & Ambassador Leader
Corrigan Hammond, Mobile Organizer, Blue Dot
Emilia Belliveau, Environmental Rights Coordinator, Blue Dot
Gabriel D’Astous, Ottawa/Montreal Organizer, Blue Dot
Gail Mainster, Communications Specialist
Heather Farmer, Coordinator, Communications & Public Engagement
Harpreet Johal, Senior Public Engagement Specialist, Fellowships
Ian Hanington, Senior Editor
Izzy Czerveniak, Western Organizer, Blue Dot
Janice Williams, Archives Coordinator
Kim Vickers, Public Information and Office Administration Coordinator
Nikki Sanchez-Hood, Public Engagement Specialist/Queen of Green
Pauline-Marie Paramo, Digital Communications Coordinator, Blue Dot
Peter Wood, National Campaigns Manager, Blue Dot
Troy Pickersgill, Social Media Specialist
Winnie Hwo, Public Engagement and Chinese Communications Specialist

Development and Strategic Partnerships

Kristen Milliron, Director, Development and Strategic Partnerships

Anniclaude Weiss, Development Manager, Community Giving
Ashton Orr-Frayn, Development Officer, Community Giving
Derek Schlereth, Online & Direct Response Fundraising Specialist
Emil Hadad, Development Coordinator, Community Giving
Gabrielle Cote-Boucher, Assistante au développement, Quebec & Atlantic Canada Region
Laurel Irving, Senior Development Coordinator, Community Giving
Lisa Le, Development Coordinator, Community Giving
Jasmine Yen, Associate Director, Community Giving
Nina Legac, Development Manager, Community Giving
Priya Ramesh Mehta, Strategic Philanthropy Advisor
Richard DeLisle, Development Officer, Leadership Giving
Tiva Quinn, Development Officer, Leadership Giving

Digital and Technology

Georgette Parsons, Director, Digital and Technology

Anna Geeroms, CRM Solutions Architect
Calvin Jang, I.T. Manager
Charlie Parker, Web Strategist and Content Manager
Craig David Long, Web Content Editor / Administrator
James Moffat, I.T. Support Analyst
Jay Jameson, Digital Strategy Specialist
Myla Burke, Digital Strategy Specialist
Prashanth Nakkala, Salesforce Developer / Administrator

Finance and Administration

Janice Allardyce, Director, Finance and Administration

Cecilia Wong, Accounting Coordinator, Accounts
Ian Arbuckle, Financial Analyst, Reporting/Budgeting
Kim Lai, Accounting Coordinator, Payroll and Benefits

Human Resources

Catherine Gordon, Director, Human Resources

Cyndy Luo, HR Generalist