Give your publicly traded securities

Give stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other publicly traded securities.

How do I donate shares?

It’s easy! Your broker can send your shares directly from your account into ours.

We sell the shares immediately upon receipt. Our broker forwards the cheque to us. We send you a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value at the date of transfer.

Please allow up to four weeks for this process.

Transfer your shares

What are the benefits of donating shares?

You benefit twice: you get a tax break and a tax receipt! (If you want to divest from fossil fuel companies that harm the planet and donate those shares to us, that’s a third benefit.)

Capital gains are increases in value of securities over the price you paid to buy them. In Canada, there is no capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated publicly traded securities.

If you sell your shares and donate the cash, you have to pay capital gains tax. But if you donate shares, you don’t! We’ll give you a tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities.

Please consult your broker or financial adviser to see if this is a good fit for you.