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All of us can make a difference. Use your voice, your devices, your lifestyle choices or your time and talents. The collective action adds up to urgently needed social change.

01 Act Locally
Group of diverse people

Future Ground Network

Throughout the country, people are coming together to put down roots, transform their neighbourhoods, defend nature and accelerate the environmental movement. It starts at the community level, but the impacts can be global!

Future Ground Network is a hub for community groups taking local action to secure healthier, more viable futures. Through climate justice, biodiversity protection, waste reduction and sustainable systems, they are taking a stand for the future.

02 Act Online

Act Online

Your voice matters

Political leaders earn their positions from votes. They care about public opinion and keep close tabs on issues constituents raise in letters, meetings, phone calls and the editorial pages of local papers.

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03 Volunteer


Join our thriving team of volunteers

The generous contributions of volunteers enable us to achieve our mission to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life.

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04 Act at home

Act at home

Living Green

We’re all in this together! And you can make a difference every day. Live your values. Adopt practices that lower your climate impact, protect, respect and restore nature, and support safer, healthier communities. Start where you are and choose your path.

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Living Green