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Join LawnShare: Reimagine your lawn as vital habitat

For too long, conventional turfgrass lawns have dominated our communities, yet their ecological impact often goes unnoticed. These lawns come with steep environmental costs, including excessive water usage, chemical reliance and minimal ecological value. LawnShare seeks to change this narrative by promoting sustainable alternatives that support native flora and fauna.

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By taking the LawnShare pledge, you commit to reimagining your lawn as a vital habitat. Your participation will contribute to the collective effort of transforming Canada’s urban and suburban landscapes into thriving ecosystems.

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a digital toolkit designed to guide your journey toward sustainable lawn care. This toolkit includes maintenance tips, habitat-creation guidance, regional plant lists and access to educational webinars.

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Unlock the untapped potential of your lawn and create healthier ecosystems. Join the LawnShare campaign today and be a part of the movement for sustainable and biodiverse communities.