Are you one in a million?

Around the world, people like you are rising up in massive rallies, demanding action to protect their future.

A recent landmark study showed that when movements grow to 3.5 per cent of a population, they reach a tipping point where systemic change becomes not only possible but probable.

Already, hundreds of thousands throughout Canada have mobilized, taking sustained action to advance climate solutions, create sustainable communities and protect and restore ecosystems so nature can thrive. Now, we need a million more to achieve our collective vision of a brighter tomorrow.

We can — and will — create a society that is resilient and equitable for all.

The future we want is within reach!

Yes, I commit to taking one or more of the proposed actions:

  • Climate solutions: I believe that we can overcome the climate crisis and create a promising future for all. I will work with others to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, accelerate climate solutions and get Canada to act with ambition and urgency.
  • Thriving nature: I know that nature is everywhere, and we’re all part of it. That when it flourishes, we thrive — but there are limits to what it can support. I will act with others to respect, protect and restore nature so it can sustain all life.
  • Sustainable communities: I trust that when we value connections to each other and nature, we all live better. I will act with others to reimagine communities to increase well-being and to help build vibrant, resilient societies that benefit everyone.

Not sure how? We’ll help!

By signing this pledge and opting “Yes”, you’ll receive opportunities, resources and easy ways to act!