Tell your local government to update its bylaws for biodiversity!

Let nature-restricting bylaws be bygones

Throughout Canada, people are turning to habitat gardening as a tangible and hope-filled response to the greatest challenges of our time: biodiversity loss, climate change and humanity’s alienation from wild species.

But in some communities, outdated municipal bylaws and enforcement policies limit the potential of habitat gardens to positively transform our cities, towns and society.

In response to this contradiction, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, Canadian Wildlife Federation, David Suzuki Foundation, Ecological Design Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University and renowned author and environmental advocate Lorraine Johnson sent an open letter to municipal staff, elected officials and related associations in support of bylaw reform.

These partners acknowledge and aim to bolster the existing efforts of residents, organizations and municipalities working on bylaw reform and support municipalities as they become leaders in ecological stewardship — but they need your help!

Express your support for bylaw reform in the name of biodiversity and climate protection by sending a letter to your mayor and councillor. Send the letter as is or feel free to personalize it.

Thank you for supporting habitat creation and stewardship in towns and cities across Canada.