Tell your MPP: Ontario needs real climate action

The cost of inaction is too high 

The Ontario government’s recently released environment plan is inadequate and incomplete.

It will not protect Ontarians from the serious health and safety effects of climate change. What’s lacking is political will. This plan proposes a weaker 2030 emissions reduction target. It’s moving us backward rather than forward. Your elected representatives need to know that this is not acceptable.

Right now, your voice is urgently need. You can have an impact by calling your MPP to say you expect the Ontario government to create a real plan to address climate change.

MPPs know that when people take the time to make a phone call, it’s about an issue that really matters. When they receive many phone calls from their electorate about one issue, it’s hard for them to ignore.

Talking points for your call

  • Introduce yourself (i.e., I am a mother, student, new Canadian, bus driver, paramedic, etc.). 
  • Explain why climate action is important to you. Consider sharing your fears, hopes, vision for a climate-stable future and/or the opportunities you see from taking climate action. 
  • Tell them you are disappointed about how weak the climate plan is. 
  • Ask them to be bold, and to rise above partisan politics to do the right thing for all Ontarians. 
  • Ask them if they will commit to stand up in provincial parliament to demand a credible, evidence-based climate plan that will reduce emissions across all sectors, in line with the latest scientific report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (Wait for an answer from them on this.)

Tips for your call

  • Use a headset or hands-free. This will give you both hands to take notes about what was said. 
  • Be polite but firm — MPPs are your elected representatives. They will likely be happy to hear from engaged constituents. Be polite and direct. Make sure to ask for a response and to provide them with return contact information. 
  • Thank your MPP for their time and attention.

Phone now