Call your MP to help protect Canada’s oceans

Photo: April Bencze

Getting in touch with your MP just got a lot easier

In just a few minutes you can ask your MP to say no to new fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines, and urge them to advocate for real ocean protection.

We’ll connect you through your phone to your MP’s office. If you don’t speak directly to your MP, you’ll get a constituent assistant or voicemail. We’ve made some easy talking points (below) to help guide you through the call.

Speaking points

  • Say who you are (that you live in their riding) and a bit about yourself (e.g., a mother, concerned citizen, scientist, immigrant, Indigenous person, voter, etc.).
  • Express your support for increasing the target for marine protection to 25 per cent by the year 2025.
  • Explain that even the “best” oil spill response leaves 80 to 90 per cent of spilled oil in the water. Instead we should focus federal spending on reducing or eliminating oil transport in coastal areas.
  • Increased container and tanker traffic means increasing ship strikes on whales and dolphins. It also adds to underwater noise and disturbance — especially devastating for endangered southern resident killer whales, or orcas.
  • Orcas are particularly vulnerable to oil spills because of their small populations, low reproductive rates, dietary specialization, long lives and complex social structure.
  • A study estimates that were an oil spill to happen, it would affect between 22 and 80 per cent of endangered whales’ critical Salish Sea habitat. That could mean extinction of the southern resident orcas.
  • Ask for a commitment to advocate against new oil and gas infrastructure projects, especially pipelines like the Trans Mountain expansion project that will lead to increased tanker traffic.
  • Also ask for a commitment to high-quality marine protection guided by strong Indigenous governance.
  • Leave your name and phone number, then ask for a reply confirming their commitment to fight for real ocean protection.

Tips for the call

  • Use a headset or hands-free. It will be easier to take notes about what was said.
  • Be polite, but firm. MPs are our elected representatives. They usually appreciate hearing from engaged and informed constituents. Make sure to ask for an official response.