Climate action needed! Cap oil and gas emissions

Big oil is trying to block this necessary climate action. Help push back!

The federal government is finally consulting Canadians on a cap on oil and gas emissions. It’s no surprise that industry is lobbying hard against it. For many years, industry has lied about the harm it causes and has fought to stop the transition to a clean, renewable, climate-friendly energy future. Please use the suggested message points below to personalize your message to have the most impact possible in this important government consultation.

Suggested message points

1. Introduce yourself with whatever information you’d like to share

2. Explain why you think a cap on oil and gas emissions is necessary. Write your own reasons, or use and adapt any of the bullets below:

  • There is no limit to the amount of greenhouse gases the oil and gas sector can emit, but we will not be able to reach our climate commitments without capping oil and gas industry emissions.
  • While other industries have reduced their emissions, the oil and gas sector’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen a whopping 87 per cent since 1990.
  • We can take ambitious climate action while stimulating the economy, generating jobs and decreasing inequality by putting a cap on oil and gas emissions (ramping down the problem) and transitioning to 100 per cent clean, renewable, affordable and reliable electricity by 2035 (ramping up the solutions). Let’s choose a better, healthier, more equitable future.

The auto-filled message explains what is needed for an effect cap on oil and gas emissions. You can edit any of the content as you see fit.