Get your opinion on climate action published

Help hold Big Oil accountable for its climate pollution

A letter to the editor is a simple and effective way to raise the important issues in your community.

The editorial pages are among the most-read sections of a newspaper. Research has shown that people’s opinions are more likely to be influenced by their peers and community members than by experts, so your letter can have a real impact.

Share your views and help us reach our goal of 100 published letters to the editor, with at least one from each province and territory.

Here are some suggested speaking points for your letter:
Mix and match or write your own completely, but remember that this is going to the editors of local media outlets, not to politicians directly. 

  • Introduce yourself (i.e., I’m a mother, student, Indigenous person, electrician, scientist, new Canadian, etc.).
  • Climate change isn’t just a problem for the future. Extreme weather events are already negatively affecting communities and ecosystems worldwide, including here in Canada.
  • The oil and gas sector is the largest and fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, so we can’t meet our critical climate targets without reducing these emissions.
  • Oil companies have had years to transform their operations and reduce their emissions but haven’t, and their emissions continue to increase.
  • I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing and financing fossil fuel companies while they gouge us at the pumps, make windfall profits, aggravate climate change and lobby for weak industry regulations.  
  • Renewable energy prices are more stable and predictable than oil and gas prices. If we want energy security, reliability and affordability, renewables are the way forward.
  • One hundred per cent clean, reliable and affordable renewable electricity in Canada is entirely possible, offering a climate solution that will benefit communities, create jobs and improve air quality. That’s something everyone can support. 

Your name, email and postal code will be included automatically at the end of your message. Do not write in this information at the bottom of your message.