Tell Edmonton city council to keep its climate commitments

We must act now to protect Edmonton's future

The City of Edmonton’s proposed 2023-26 budget is a disappointment for the climate.

Edmonton developed an Energy Transition Strategy with 105 actions to help the city reach net-zero emissions by 2050. But most of these actions are not funded in the proposed budget. Without them, we cannot lower our emissions, and we will not avoid the worst of the climate crisis.

We are already experiencing heat domes, fires, floods and droughts. We need to act now.

In the energy transition strategy, the city promised to emit no more than 176 million tonnes of greenhouses by 2050, when it would become carbon-neutral.

But according to the city’s carbon budget, we’ll reach that limit by 2037 and still be producing around 12.95 million tonnes annually.

Hear from Edmonton Youth for Climate why council must budget to climate action.

We can’t let this happen. Tell the mayor and council that you want them to keep their promises, take real climate action and protect our future.