Have your say on Canada’s clean electricity plan

A giant win for climate and affordability is at our fingertips. Act now.

We’re on the verge of securing a federal policy on clean electricity that will cut approximately 340 megatonnes of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Done right, this policy will generate $29 billion net benefits to the Canadian economy, create thousands of good jobs, and make energy more reliable and affordable for households across Canada.

The first draft of the policy isn’t perfect, but we have a 75-day consultation window to improve it. Make your voice heard now to ensure we win a healthier, cleaner, more affordable renewable energy future.

We’ve provided specific language about the regulations. To make the biggest impact, take a few moments to personalize your submission by adding:

  • Details about yourself and why you support ambitious clean electricity policy that achieves emissions-free electricity across Canada by 2035;
  • Examples of how communities — including your own — can benefit from the transition to renewable energy.