Help nature thrive

When nature flourishes, we benefit

Nature is everywhere, and we’re all part of it.

But there are limits to what it can support.

It’s up to all of us to make sure Canada’s party leaders know we must respect, protect and restore nature so it can sustain all life.

You can speak up for nature — it can’t speak for itself. Add your name to this letter. You can also include your personal message.

Tips to personalize your letter:

  • Introduce yourself (i.e., I’m a parent, student, Indigenous person, scientist, new Canadian, etc.)
  • Explain how you feel about protecting and restoring nature (i.e., your motivations, hopes, fears, etc.)
  • Describe how you do your best to contribute, knowing that tackling the biodiversity crisis will take collective effort

Sharing your story and perspective can influence and convince politicians. Parties want to earn your support.

Thank you for caring!