Help stop Salish Sea orca extinction

The plight of the 75 remaining southern resident killer whales, or Salish Sea orcas, is grabbing headlines. They’re teetering towards possible extinction. In fewer than 20 years, their population has dropped by more than 20 per cent. We know what to do. But we need massive co-operation and passionate advocacy.

We must come together and create a movement that involves government, businesses, advocacy groups, individuals — and you! Please #JoinThePod.

Along with our partners, we’re developing initiatives Salish Sea orcas need to survive. When you #JoinThePod and follow us @SalishSeaOrcas on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll learn from inspiring humans who know these orcas best. And we’ll provide opportunities for you to take part in a variety of meaningful actions.

One strong, collective voice on behalf of Salish Sea orcas will be heard! Are you in?