Keep the promise to get rid of open-pen fish farms

Photo: Kelly Roebuck

Phone the prime minister today

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Make sure your phone is handy. Usually you can leave a voicemail, but you might reach an assistant.

Look below for a list of key points but express the ideas in your own way.

Make sure you leave your contact details for followup. Your voice makes a difference.

  • I was relieved when I heard the federal government committed to transition British Columbia’s aquaculture sector from open-net pen fish farms by 2025.
  • Rumours that licences could be renewed for two to six years are disturbing. Don’t break the promise in your mandate letter to the fisheries minister to transition from open-net pens by 2025.
  • Decades of research show fish farms increase the risk of diseases and parasites that adversely affect wild salmon.
  • I’m not alone: a broad cross-section of groups want to remove open-net pens from B.C. coastal waters, including:
    • More than 100 B.C. First Nations
    • 75 per cent of British Columbians
    • the First Nations Leadership Council
    • the Pacific Salmon Foundation

Some tips for the call:

  • Introduce yourself (e.g., I’m a grandmother, immigrant, farmer, student, etc.)
  • Be respectful but firm — elected representatives and their staff are part of our democratic system. Hearing from a respectful and engaged constituent creates a strong signal.
  • Ask for a response and provide them with return contact information.
  • Say “Thank you for your time and attention.”