Make room for nature

Sign the pledge to protect wildlife and at-risk areas

Canada has agreed to an international commitment to protect 17 per cent of our land and freshwater by 2020.

The Government of Canada has taken several positive steps toward meeting that goal but it remains a long way off.

This year, Canada allocated $175 million from its Nature Challenge Fund for 67 conservation projects over four years. Yet it received $800 million in proposals, showing just how much demand for conservation there is.

Canada must achieve its target if our biodiversity and natural areas are going to persist.

Canada can achieve its target if we continue to make more room for nature.

Show your commitment to protecting Canada’s natural areas by signing the pledge now.

I support:

  1. Conserving Canada’s biodiversity and natural areas that make our country so special.
  2. Protecting at least 17 per cent of our land and freshwater by no later than 2020.
  3. Providing wildlife and threatened species with every opportunity to survive and thrive.
  4. Showing conservation leadership on a global scale.
  5. Indigenous leadership in stewarding the lands and waters.