Stop LNG from fuelling climate chaos

“Natural gas” is a deliberately misleading marketing term used by the oil and gas industry. The vast majority of gas produced in British Columbia is fracked. Fracking is a dangerous process that uses millions of gallons of water and toxic chemicals, and the upstream and downstream emissions of fracked gas are massive — far from “natural.”

Extreme climate impacts are intensifying in B.C. and worldwide. Already this spring, millions of hectares have burned in unprecedented early fires throughout Canada. Droughts, fires and monsoons in other parts of the world are also unparalleled in their intensity, frequency and destructive power. The culprit? Fossil fuels — like coal, oil, fracked gas and LNG.

Oil and gas executives are misleading you and your governments, all to increase their already record profits, while fuelling climate chaos around the world.

These corporations want to massively increase fracking in northeast B.C. — the sixth largest fossil fuel reserve in the world and Canada’s biggest carbon bomb.

In the midst of a climate crisis — and ever-worsening extreme weather everywhere — the only safe and responsible choice is to transition urgently to clean, renewable energy.

Together, we’re taking a stand against LNG. Will you email Premier Eby to say “no” to LNG too?