Photo: Jackie Bourgeous

Don’t let Ontario fail on climate action

Your voice is urgently needed. Together, we can do better.

The Ontario government’s environment plan is inadequate and incomplete.

It will not protect Ontarians from the serious health and safety effects of climate change.

Polling shows the vast majority of Ontarians know that human-induced climate change is happening, and they want action. The solutions to address climate change are well known. What’s lacking is political will. This plan is moving us backward rather than forward. Your elected representatives need to know that this is not acceptable.

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We outlined the major shortcomings of the climate plan and what should be included in a stronger one, but please consider personalizing the letter by explaining why climate action is important to you. You can share your fears, hopes and vision for a climate-stable future and/or the opportunities you see from taking climate action.

If you want to do more, you can call your MPP. Our online tool will help make it easy for you.

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