Pledge to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle

Signify your commitment to reducing waste by pledging to give up single-use plastics

In Canada, nearly 90 per cent of single-use plastics end up in landfills, incinerators, lakes, parks and oceans. Plastics don’t decompose like organic substances; instead, they break down into smaller pieces aptly named “microplastics.” These microplastics work their way through the food web, devastating wildlife and marine health, eventually ending up in our own bodies, with further health consequences.

Help demonstrate that a life without single-use plastics is possible by limiting your plastic consumption and adopting a plastic-free lifestyle.

By signing the plastic-free pledge, you agree to adopt one or more of the proposed actions:

  1. REFUSE single-use plastic items and anything else offered that you don’t need (e.g., napkins, shopping bags, freebies, etc.)
  2. REUSE what you already have before buying or consuming new products that serve the same need.
  3. REPLACE single-use items with reusable alternatives.
  4. REVITALIZE an item’s use by giving it a second life before throwing it away or buying new. Get creative!
  5. RECLAIM and find new purposes for things that would otherwise become waste.
  6. RETHINK your needs.
  7. OPT for plastic alternatives (or items that contain recycled plastic if non-plastic isn’t available).
  8. PICK UP plastic debris when you see it and recycle it appropriately when possible.
  9. ASPIRE to a zero-waste or low-impact lifestyle by taking small, tangible steps and being open to learning along the way.
  10. SUPPORT efforts to limit global plastic production.

Sign the plastic-free pledge!