Protect B.C.’s old-growth forests from logging!

B.C.’s ancient trees and the ecosystems they support need your help

The B.C. government is failing to meet Premier David Eby’s promise to protect some of the last remaining ancient forests.

Last year, B.C.’s Old-Growth Strategic Review Panel recommended that logging be deferred in at-risk old-growth forests within six months of its report, a deadline the B.C. government missed. The province’s May 2021 plan to modernize forest policy also fails to protect old-growth forests by allowing the logging to continue for another two years while negotiations between industry, the province and First Nations take place.

Please act now! Tell premier Eby to immediately stop logging all old-growth forests.

Although it is promising that the Pacheedaht, Ditidaht and Huu-ay-aht First Nations have formally given notice to the province to defer old-growth logging for two years in the Fairy Creek and Central Walbran areas on southwest Vancouver Island, the situation is not yet resolved and old-growth logging continues elsewhere in B.C.

We need your help to keep the pressure on to prevent more disastrous “talking and logging.”

Without immediate protection, many ancient trees will not survive another two years to see the implementation of good policies. They will be lost forever.

Old-growth forests are irreplaceable. With their huge trees, multistoried canopy and large amounts of woody debris, they create unique conditions for life that younger forests are not able to support:

  • They create a home for many species, including endangered western screech-owls
  • They have an unparalleled ability to keep carbon out of the atmosphere
  • They provide us with essential services such as clean water and flood protection

In the midst of climate and biodiversity crises, destroying some of the last remaining ancient ecosystems that wildlife, communities and future generations depend on to thrive is unthinkable.

Tell premier Eby it’s time to walk the talk, not “talk and log!”