Reject fish transfers into Discovery Islands salmon farms

Photo: Kelly Roebuck

No new fish in Discovery Islands salmon farms

We are concerned that aquaculture companies are applying to transfer hundreds of thousands of Atlantic salmon into Discovery Islands salmon farms!

Please ask the minister of fisheries, oceans and Canadian Coast Guard to reject all requests to transfer salmon into Discovery Islands salmon farms.

Transferring salmon into these farms will amplify the risk from disease and parasites that can infect wild salmon travelling along this key migration route.

New research indicates that Tenacibaculum bacterium on salmon farms is causing population-level damage to sockeye and other Pacific salmon species. It is likely this disease agent is being transferred between farms with the fish, but no testing is required. This means any transfer would increase the risk of infection and impact on wild salmon, especially sockeye.

In addition to disease, each approved transfer of more Atlantic salmon into Discovery Islands farms would also increase the risk of sea lice impacts on migrating juvenile salmon in the Discovery Islands, especially those experiencing historic declines.

In 2020, the salmon farming industry reported that 50 per cent of salmon farms in the Discovery Islands exceeded the lice threshold during the out-migration period for wild Fraser River salmon. It is clear that the industry can’t keep the threat of sea lice in check.

These findings show that transferring salmon into open net-pens in the Discovery Islands poses an unacceptable risk.

Please ask Minister Bernadette Jordan to make the right decision. Let her know Canadians like you expect her to reject fish transfers to the Discovery Islands salmon farms.