Make your pledge to protect Salish Sea orcas today

Show your commitment to Salish Sea orcas by signing the pledge now

Only 75 Salish Sea orcas (a.k.a. southern resident killer whales) remain on the Pacific Coast. They are one of Canada’s most endangered marine mammals.

There is still a 75 per cent chance that they could be with us 100 years from now, but only if we act now to protect them.

I agree to follow one or more of the proposed actions:

  1. CHOOSE whale-watching operations that don’t target southern resident killer whales.
  2. REPORT boats that are getting too close to orcas (closer than 400 metres) by calling 1-800-465-4336.
  3. RESPECT the orcas’ space and give them the distance they need to feed.
  4. LIMIT, or eliminate, Chinook salmon catch this year if you fish. Let your fishing friends know they can help by not hooking a Chinook.
  5. URGE Canadian government ministers to maintain and further strengthen protections for southern resident orcas using the powers available under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.