Stop plastic pollution today

Call on government to move forward NOW with Canada's ban on single-use plastics

Nearly 90 per cent of plastic waste ends up in landfills, incinerators, lakes, parks and oceans in Canada. That’s about 8,000 tonnes every day.

Plastic pollution hurts the wildlife we love, the planet we live on and, ultimately, us. In 2019, the federal government promised to ban non-essential, single-use plastics. In May, the environment minister took the first step, adding “plastic manufactured items” to the List of Toxic Substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, after a science assessment concluded plastic pollution harms the environment.

Now, several top plastics producers are suing the federal government to try to stop the federal action plan to reduce plastic pollution. This at a time when Canadians overwhelmingly support action to reduce plastic.

We can all take individual action to limit our plastic consumption, but that by itself won’t solve the problem. We also need the plastics industry to get behind the federal mission to ban single-use plastics and implement other measures to reduce plastic pollution. These companies can and must do better.

Take action today. Call on government to move forward with a regulatory ban on non-essential, single-use plastics now to stop plastic pollution at its source.