Stop plastic pollution at its source

Ask Canada to limit global plastic production with new environment treaty

Nearly 90 per cent of plastic waste in Canada ends up in landfills, incinerators, lakes, parks and oceans. Plastic pollution hurts the wildlife we love, the planet we live on and, ultimately, us.

Plastics are a significant source of carbon emissions, most of them generated when plastics are produced and converted from fossil fuels.

We can all take individual action to limit our plastic consumption, but that by itself won’t solve the problem. Around the world, plastic production and pollution is increasing.

Countries, including Canada, are negotiating an international treaty that could set limits on global plastic production. But it’s not a done deal. The fossil fuel industry, which benefits from plastic production, is exerting powerful opposition. Canada supports a treaty to end plastic pollution but has yet to take a stand on the crucial issue of limiting global production.

With UN-led negotiations underway in Ottawa this month, we need Canada to show its support for capping global plastic production.

Canada has banned some non-essential, single-use plastics. That’s a good start, but plastic pollution is a global problem. We need Canada to take a strong stand in support of capping global plastic production.