Tell Canada to prioritize natural infrastructure!

Nature can provide the best infrastructure. Let’s support it

Let’s make sure Canada’s infrastructure investments support nature!

Canada is consulting on its first National Infrastructure Assessment, which will chart a course for new infrastructure investment up to 2050. Speak up to ensure that it puts natural infrastructure at its core.

Natural infrastructure can meet community needs on par with built infrastructure in cost-effective ways while also providing additional benefits.

Unlike many traditional infrastructure projects, natural infrastructure works with nature, not against it. Communities throughout Canada struggle with crumbling infrastructure. Natural infrastructure helps address this challenge while also helping adapt to and mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss. It uses ecosystem features and materials to supply core infrastructure services to communities, while providing co-benefits to the environment, economy and well-being.

Canada must prioritize natural infrastructure, including funding the following:

  • Ecologically appropriate infrastructure. This infrastructure supports services delivered by nature. It has obvious ecological benefits and can reduce the need for carbon-intensive cement and steel construction.
  • Greening human-built infrastructure. Many infrastructure projects can be designed to contribute to biodiversity goals and minimize damage to local ecosystems. Canada should assess the infrastructure projects it funds and seek to identify opportunities for natural infrastructure solutions, evaluate their alternatives and clearly articulate co-benefits.

Tell Infrastructure and Communities Minister Catherine McKenna we need a strong focus on natural infrastructure to lay the foundation for a low-carbon, resilient future and showcase Canada as an environmental leader.