Urgent and ambitious climate action now!

Photo: Ashley Voykin

Urge Canada to act on the climate crisis with the boldness it demands

The evidence of climate change has become all too real, with events related to extreme weather like wildfires, droughts, floods and heat waves wreaking havoc on lives, homes, livelihoods and the cost of living. Climate change is no longer a problem of the future. It’s right now.

As the world’s fourth-largest oil exporter with the third-largest known oil reserves and the third-highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita, Canada has the ability to do a lot of damage but also the opportunity to make big, positive change.

We have all the necessary resources to be a leader in the emerging cleaner economy, but we must take bold and immediate action now.

This fall, as Parliament sits and political leaders attend COP28, we must ensure Canada accelerates climate action to drive down emissions and transition to a clean energy economy.

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