Urgent, bold, ambitious climate action now!

Photo: Ashley Voykin

Unless governments take dramatic and immediate action to reduce emissions, we are headed toward climate chaos

Canada is doing more than ever to address climate change, yet our climate targets are still critically insufficient. They’re among the least ambitious targets compared to other developed countries. Canada’s climate plan does not yet contribute enough to a climate-safe future, but we can join countries around the world in doing what it takes.  

When it comes to climate change action, there is a crucial difference between doing something and doing enough. 

Leading up to the global climate conference in November, Canada must act with urgency and ambition. We need: 

  • an emissions reduction target of at least 60 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 to be equitable and in line with climate science.  
  • an ambitious and achievable plan to meet that target, based on intergenerational justice for Indigenous Peoples, workers and communities. 
  • A strong accountability law to ensure current and future governments meet our climate targets. *UPDATE: Canada’s Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act was passed in June 2021. Big kudos to everyone who took action to make that happen!  

All levels of government must come to the table with strong climate plans to get us on the right track.  

Bold climate action is possible when we work together. Send your message now.