Your vision of a renewable future

Write to decision- makers to say YES to renewables and NO to fossil fuels!

Thousands of people nationwide have been championing a bold federal regulation that would get Canada to 100 per cent clean, reliable, affordable electricity by 2035.

We know that this would bring real climate, health and economic benefits. But the fossil fuel industry is pushing back to protect its profits.

A recent announcement by Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault shows that the fossil fuel lobby is making headway in watering down this regulation to allow more fossil fuels on what is supposed to be a clean electricity grid!

We have until March 15 to write a personalized letter to send a clear message that Canada needs clean, renewable electricity, not more fossil fuels!


Elected officials want to hear from you personally, so please use the following prompts as a guide but remix them to make this letter your own. After you introduce yourself, choose one or more of the prompts. Short and sweet is good, but be sure to express that you want to see 100 per cent clean, renewable electricity by 2035, with no more gas on the grid.

  • Introduce yourself (e.g., I’m a grandmother, student, immigrant, electrical worker, farmer, student, Indigenous person, nurse, avid kayaker, etc.).
  • Say where you’re from.
  • Explain how you feel about climate change and the transition to clean energy. You can complete any of the following sentences, or come up with your own:
    • What inspires me to protect our climate is…
    • My fear about climate change is…
  • Share why you want the clean electricity regulations to be strengthened and what that can look like:
    • I think that allowing more gas to be used for electricity is a bad idea because…
    • It’s important to me that you finalize a strong clean electricity regulations ASAP because…
    • (If you live in Alberta) The Alberta government doesn’t represent my perspective on oil and gas, climate change and renewables. I believe that….
    • I am much more likely to vote for a political party that supports a rapid transition to renewable energy because…
    • I think Canada will be better off with a clean, renewable electricity grid by 2035 because…

Here are some additional speaking points you can add to your letter if you choose:

  • It’s essential that the clean electricity regulations ensure that no new fossil fuels are added to our electricity mix so that we can reduce emissions, save money and build a reliable grid today and for generations to come.
  • Ground-breaking modelling from the David Suzuki Foundation shows that reliable, affordable zero-emissions electricity is possible across Canada by 2035, offering a climate solution that will benefit communities, create jobs and improve air quality.

For more inspiration for your letter, visit our Renewable Power For All project page.