What is your vision of a renewable future?

Express yourself to influence your MP on climate justice 

People all across Canada are speaking out about the need for bold climate action. It’s important that we continue to pressure the government to follow through on their election promises and ramp up climate ambition.  

It’s not just the right thing to do for the environment; it makes the best economic and social sense too. On top of being part of the critical global mission of keeping global temperature rise below 1.5 C, we can aim for a more equitable, inclusive, affordable and happy society.

Petitions alone aren’t enough to sway politicians, but sharing your own words and perspectives can have a big impact, whether you write a few words or more.

Talking points

Feel free to write your own letter or choose elements from the suggested speaking points below.

  • Introduce yourself. Share a few things about who you are (i.e., I’m a mother, student, Indigenous person, nurse, farmer, artist, gardener, runner, foodie, etc.).
  • Share your thoughts, beliefs and fears about climate change. Be as specific, descriptive and personal as you feel comfortable.
  • Share your beliefs about the benefits and opportunities of rapidly shifting to renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency and taking bold climate action. Some of the benefits are that it can:
    • Spur local job creation, innovation, training and economic diversification opportunities.
    • Improve energy self-sufficiency and air quality in remote communities.
    • Respect Indigenous rights, incorporate traditional knowledge into decision-making and work in service of reconciliation.
    • Be diverse, inclusive and uphold principles of justice, equity and dignity for all.
    • Reduce dependence on the boom-and-bust cycles of fossil fuels, and diversify our energy system.
    • Make life more affordable and reduce energy poverty.
    • Help us ensure that no one is left behind if we design equitable and inclusive policies and programs that enable everyone to benefit from and participate in the transition.
    • Stabilize global temperature rise below 1.5 C to stem the worst threats of climate change.
  • Complete the sentence “My vision of a renewable energy future includes…”

Finish your letter by telling your MP that you will be working with others in the climate movement to hold them to account on climate action.