Climate Conversation Coach

Meet CliMate, a chatbot for finding common ground on topics that can divide us

Imagine this. You’re at a big, family dinner. The food is delicious, the drinks are flowing and everyone is having a good time… until your lovable but opinionated uncle starts talking about climate change.

That sinking feeling creeps in. You know he has it all wrong, but you don’t know how to reason with him. Nor do you want to offend the host or turn a nice dinner into a heated debate (again).

Still, you feel it’s important to say something. If only you knew how to talk about climate change in a way that brings people together instead of splitting them apart. Well, wonder no more. There is a way!

Introducing CliMate, your climate conversation coach

This fun, simple chatbot on Facebook Messenger will teach you how stop arguing and start understanding people. In a guided practice conversation, you’ll get to choose responses from a set of options, and CliMate will provide insight on the reaction your responses might elicit.

We know that conversations about climate change can bring up all sorts of emotions, like frustration, despair, anger and embarrassment. CliMate will help you cultivate empathy and keep your conversations productive. It’s also sure to make you chuckle, especially if you’ve tried having these sorts of conversations already.

This isn’t about winning an argument; it’s about learning to have productive conversations based on common ground and shared values.

Give it a try! Launch the chatbot


CliMate is rooted in science. The approach is based on the work of Karin Tamerius of Smart Politics. Drawing on expertise in social and political psychology and extensive experience with online dialogues, she developed a five-step method to help people have difficult conversations.

While CliMate will help you have less polarized conversations about climate change, it can also be useful for any potentially divisive conversation topics.

Once you’ve launched the chatbot in Facebook Messenger, use the menu located where you would normally type to get started.

If you encounter a problem using CliMate, contact our web team at In your email, please include the browser version and device you are using.

Put down your megaphone and start listening! Meet CliMate – our new chatbot that will coach you on how to have productive conversations about climate change.