Sabaa Khan

Sabaa Khan

Director General, Quebec and Atlantic Canada

Expertise: International environmental law, trade law, multilateral environmental agreements, international labour law, human rights, chemicals and waste legislation, pharmaceutical pollution regulation, Arctic cooperation and governance

Credentials: Attorney member of the Quebec Bar; former member of the Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (Joensuu, Finland); member of the Labour Law and Development Research Laboratory; Doctor of Civil Law degree from McGill University; Master of Laws from University of Montreal; Licentiate in Civil Law from University of Ottawa

Passions: Piano playing; city biking; lake swimming; summer tennis; playing Go; mama and auntie life; forest hikes; Sundays in the park

The climate crisis illustrates how deeply intertwined social, economic and environmental ecosystems are as determinants of planetary health, from the molecular to global scale. The exponential rise in worldwide climate action, advocacy and co-operation attest to the fact that decarbonization is not simply the next investment frontier, it is the lifeline of our children and future generations. Founded on the principle that we are One Nature, the David Suzuki Foundation is a cultural and intellectual force that can build critical momentum throughout Canada to ensure that protection of nature’s rights and the public’s rights to nature lie at the heart of our transformed economies.