Tara Cullis

Portrait of Tara Cullis.

Did you know?

Tara founded or co-founded nine other organizations before co-founding the David Suzuki Foundation in 1990!

About Tara

An award-winning writer and former faculty member of Harvard University, Tara Cullis has been a key player in environmental movements in the Amazon, Southeast Asia, Japan and British Columbia.

She was a founder of the Turning Point Initiative, now known as the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative. This brought First Nations of British Columbia’s central and northern coasts into a historic alliance, protecting the ecology of the region known as the Great Bear Rainforest.

Tara has been adopted and named by Haida, Gitga’at, Heiltsuk and Nam’gis First Nations.

Our Western point of view currently overvalues the linear, reductionist left brain. This lack of balance is destroying ecosystems and cultures. My focus is to bring our world back into balance by bringing right-brain thinking — that of Indigenous peoples, women, poets, musicians, and philosophers – back into the equation. Why work with half a brain!