Refresh your wardrobe for free — host a clothing swap

An assortment of garments at a clothing swap.

A great way to shop without spending a dime is to host a clothing swap! No wallet needed.

It’s a simple and fun way to keep textile waste out of the landfill and embrace reduce, reuse and recycle fashionably!



Clothing swap do's

  • Invite friends, family, neighbours, and/or co-workers. Suggest a limit like five to 10 used clothing items, accessories, and/or shoes.
  • Stick with a season. Fall or spring is when most of us clean out our closets
  • Include a swap as part of your regular girls’ night, Book Club, play date, etc.
  • Request clean and gently used items only.
  • Emphasize that all sizes welcome!
  • Have at least one full-body mirror handy.
  • Donate leftover items to a local charity.

Clothing swap don'ts

  • No gonch, bras, or bathing suits.
  • No damaged or dirty items.
  • No rummaging through piles or racks with your elbows out!

Not sure if an item in your wardrobe qualifies to be swapped? Ask yourself, “Would I give this to my best friend?”. If not, leave it out.

Here’s a handy invite you can download and customise: