What not to flush

Toilet bowl

Only flush the three Ps: pee, poo and (toilet) paper! (Photo: Curology via Unsplash)

What have water treatment plant workers ever done to you?

Make their jobs easier and more efficient — and give our living planet a break while you’re at it, getting closer to zero waste living.

The unflushables


Despite any claims to the contrary, tampons (and applicators) go in the garbage. Omit disposables and switch to reusable menstrual products today.

Condoms (male and female)

Condoms are garbage, too.


Trash hair you rescue from drain traps to prevent clogs (although some people have success composting human and pet hair.


Even if it’s 100 per cent vegan or from refillable glass vials, don’t flush it!

Disposable wipe-y products

Common disposables — baby wipes, mopping pads and cleaning cloths — all block sewers or harm the environment. Make your own baby wipe solution with liquid castile soap and choose 100 per cent biodegradable, compostable cleaning cloths.


Never flush old or expired medications down the toilet OR throw them in the garbage. The safest way to dispose of expired prescription drugs and over-the-counter health care products is to take them back to your local pharmacy (or vet clinic if you have pet medications). Proper disposal eliminates the risk of accidental poisoning and keeps oceans and landfills free of pollution.

What other items make-up your city’s unflushable list?
(It’s worth checking!)