David Suzuki Foundation challenges Canadians to say goodbye to winter by spending 30 minutes a day outdoors for May

Canadians in most of the country that have been dealing with a winter to forget are being challenged to get outside for the month of May and kick start summer early. “Winter has lasted long enough,” said the David Suzuki Foundation’s Aryne Sheppard. “So during the month of May, we’re challenging Canadians to add a daily dose of nature to their routines by spending 30 minutes in nature for 30 days.”

“So many of us spend hours in front of computer screens,” said Sheppard, “But for the month of May, the 30×30 Nature Challenge is a fun and easy way to get outside and kick off the warmer months we’ve been looking forward to.”

Sheppard says that getting 30 minutes outside in nature can be as easy as taking a break to walk through a nearby green space, eat lunch under a tree or even hold a work meeting on a park bench instead of a boardroom. And of course we should be adding nature to our routine every day, not just during the month of May.

Joining the 30×30 Nature Challenge couldn’t be easier. Canadians can simply visit the 30×30 Nature Challenge Website and sign up with their friends or coworkers. Every day participants will get fun ideas of how to get outside and get more connected with nature. According to Sheppard, it’s more than just fun. “Studies have shown that getting a daily dose of nature can lead to increased mental and physical health, higher levels of happiness and work productivity, and a stronger sense of community.”

“After the winter we’ve gone through” said Sheppard. “Everyone from busy parents and children to downtown office workers deserve to kick start their summer a little earlier this year!”

The 30×30 Nature Challenge is being presented in partnership with Genuine Health, with generous support from Happenate and Bullfrog Power.


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