The David Suzuki Foundation congratulates the BC NDP and BC Green party for reaching an agreement today to form a minority government, which if accepted by the lieutenant-governor, could bring new perspectives on the environment and jobs to the province.

 “We’re looking forward to working with B.C.’s next government to move our province’s environmental agenda forward,” Jay Ritchlin, the Foundation’s director for Western Canada, says.”This agreement could be an opportunity for progress on long-standing environmental issues. We’re particularly keen to see whether B.C. can regain its status as a Canadian climate leader. That would mean a reassessment of projects such as the Site C dam and Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and addition of policies to significantly reduce B.C.’s carbon emissions.

“The Foundation would also like to see movement to protect more of B.C.’s incredible nature, especially its ocean areas and coastlines. Support for marine planning partnerships underway will be essential. As well, the next government has an opportunity to end the grizzly trophy hunt once and for all, something British Columbians overwhelmingly support,” Ritchlin says.

Details of the agreement between the parties are expected to be released tomorrow.

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