In less than two years since publicly announcing its sustainable seafood policy with SeaChoice, Buy-Low Foods has become the first North American major grocer to remove all fresh and frozen red-listed “Avoid” seafood and replace these products with seafood from more sustainable sources at its corporately owned locations, including Nesters Market.

Buy-Low Foods implemented an aggressive work plan to successfully replace red-listed “Avoid” seafood with more ocean-friendly choices, discontinuing the sale of many high-demand species such as open net-pen farmed salmon, Atlantic cod and Russian king crab.

“Buy-Low Foods has worked extremely hard to find innovative solutions to many challenging seafood issues, including farmed salmon and shrimp, in an effort to meet the goals of their robust sustainable seafood policy,” said Bill Wareham, SeaChoice member from the David Suzuki Foundation.

Buy-Low Foods president Dan Bregg stated, “We are proud to be the first retailer to achieve our sustainable seafood commitment to remove all red-listed items from our stores. With our dual focus on sourcing more responsible alternatives, we continue to have a great selection of choices that customers can feel good about feeding their families. Our stores will continue to work with SeaChoice to find new ways to support healthier oceans for today and tomorrow.”

Buy-Low Foods

Buy-Low Foods (BLF), part of the Jim Pattison Group of companies, was originally founded as a single store in 1966 and today is a Western Canadian owned and operated retailer with 37 corporate and franchise independent stores in urban, suburban and rural communities throughout British Columbia and Alberta, with over 1,600 retail employees committed to providing their customers with quality products — BLF’s neighbourhood stores have strong roots in their communities.


SeaChoice, Canada’s most comprehensive sustainable seafood program is about solutions for healthy oceans. Launched in 2006, SeaChoice was created to help Canadian businesses and shoppers take an active role in supporting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture at all levels of the seafood supply chain. Based on scientific research, SeaChoice has created easy-to-use tools that help you make the best seafood choices.

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