Climate change is the most serious issue threatening our communities and security. It is critically important for developed nations like Canada to take a leading role in cutting emissions and finding solutions.

The target released today by the federal government falls short of what the David Suzuki Foundation thinks is necessary and feasible for Canada. Our research has shown that if the existing best-in-country practices at the provincial level were adopted country-wide, Canada would already be on track to meet its 2020 emission target. Instead, as the Office of the Auditor General of Canada has reported, the lack of a unifying approach by the federal government is one of the main reasons Canada is unlikely to meet its own 2020 emission target (let alone for goals for 2030).

Parts of our country are already doing great things. There is no reason we can’t be as ambitious as a nation. Canada can and must do better to shrink carbon pollution and prioritize clean energy.

Ian Bruce, science and policy manager, David Suzuki Foundation