Electricity emissions reduced thanks to renewable energy

OTTAWA | TRADITIONAL, UNCEDED TERRITORY OF THE ALGONQUIN ANISHINAABEG PEOPLE — Today Canada reported its most recent National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for the year 2022 which showed oil and gas pollution has increased and remain Canada’s largest source of emissions. The David Suzuki Foundation comments on the latest data.

As the economy rebounded after the pandemic, all sectors had an increase in emissions except for electricity, thanks to the shift to renewable energy sources. This sector decreased emissions by about 8 per cent, or 4 million tonnes.

Thomas Green, Senior Climate Policy Adviser, David Suzuki Foundation, commented:

“Last year’s record-breaking wildfire season reminds us we need to redouble our efforts to bring down emissions through strong regulations.

“While Canada’s emissions did not rebound as much as expected after the pandemic, the oil and gas sector’s emissions continue to rise. The fossil industry is still planning on expanding exports with new liquified natural gas terminals in B.C. and via the TMX pipeline.

“Without rules put in place, these greenhouse gas emissions will continue to burn into our atmosphere risking extreme weather. We need the government to curb the pollution by putting a cap on the oil and gas emissions.

“We call on the Alberta and Saskatchewan governments — together responsible for just shy of half of Canada’s overall emissions — to put in place real climate policies and to urgently tackle methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.”

Stephen Thomas, Clean Electricity Manager, commented:

“As Canada moves to renewable energy and efficiency, we’ve seen the electricity sector continue to do the lion’s share of the work to reduce emissions in Canada. As the federal government considers weakening the upcoming Clean Electricity Regulations, we’re concerned that we may not see continued emissions reductions.

“Canada is behind on its path to reduce harmful emissions. We need a stronger signal that we will meet our targets, and move to affordable, reliable, clean electricity throughout Canada. We need all the ambition we can get.”

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