Tom Green, Senior Climate Policy Adviser, made the following statement in response to Canada’s proposed framework on how it will strengthen methane regulations:

“The David Suzuki Foundation is pleased that the proposed framework Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault announced at COP27 would lead to regulations that are more stringent and cover more sources of the oil and gas sector’s methane emissions. If these go ahead, Canada will be meeting — and in some cases increasing — the bar on global best practices. Both Canada and the United States are signatories to Global Methane Pledge, and collaboration between the countries is yielding results. The framework would enable Canada to exceed its target of reducing oil and gas methane emission by at least 75 per cent below 2012 levels by 2030. Canada cannot meet its climate targets without driving down oil and gas emissions from this highly potent greenhouse gas. Cleaning up methane emissions creates jobs and is easily manageable for the highly profitable oil and gas industry. Going hard and early on methane means Canada can set a stringent emissions cap for the oil and gas sector.”

The David Suzuki Foundation encourages other signatories to the Global Methane Pledge to accelerate ambitious methane regulations for the oil and gas sector.

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