More long-term, stable funding needed for adequate climate response

OTTAWA | TRADITIONAL, UNCEDED TERRITORY OF THE ALGONQUIN ANISHINAABEG PEOPLEThe Government of Canada provided an update yesterday on its climate change adaptation actions, emphasizing the importance of addressing increasingly severe climate impacts. The federal initiatives include investments in disaster mitigation, climate resilience for Indigenous communities and improved public safety infrastructure. The update underscores the need for stable, long-term funding to support municipalities in their climate adaptation efforts.

Julius Lindsay, Director of Sustainable Communities, David Suzuki Foundation, commented:

“We recognize the federal government’s commitment to addressing the urgent need for enhanced climate adaptation and resilience. This is especially crucial as communities face increasingly severe wildfires, floods and extreme weather events at their front doors.

“We’re advocating for less restricted, stable, long-term funding for municipalities to be used to plan and implement comprehensive climate adaptation strategies beyond short-term project-based allocations.

“More funding will be needed to adequately equip municipalities to handle these severe climate-related challenges. We must also invest in enhancing climate resilience in Indigenous communities, ensuring equitable benefits and support for all people in Canada.

“Funds committed for the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund and other initiatives are crucial for helping communities prepare for natural disasters and infrastructure failures. We urge the federal government to continue and expand these efforts to ensure our communities are better prepared for the future.”

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