VANCOUVER, November 3, 2015 — With the United Nations climate summit just around the corner, the David Suzuki Foundation would like to congratulate the City of Vancouver on its bold approach to green and climate strategies. City council voted today in support of the Greenest City Action Plan update, which includes new priority actions to meet Vancouver’s 2020 targets.

“We’re excited to see the leadership on climate action shown today by Vancouver’s city council,” said Ian Bruce, science and policy manager for the David Suzuki Foundation.

“If the Renewable City Plan is also passed by council tomorrow, Vancouver will have firmly established itself as a municipal sustainability leader in North America. It’s encouraging to see momentum building for action on climate at the city and regional levels, including in California, Ontario, Quebec and likely Alberta and B.C., in addition to national commitments,” Bruce said. “Vancouver’s green strategies deserve special recognition for their ability to transition the city towards an emission-free future that creates healthier communities and attracts innovation and clean technology and jobs in the process.”

“The leadership and action taken today by the city of Vancouver to build the greenest and cleanest city possible has created a ripple that is being felt around the world — from Washington, D.C. to the Vatican. Vancouver’s renewable energy wave is here.”

Media contact:

Steve Kux
Climate and Clean Energy Communications Specialist
David Suzuki Foundation